Azar MOD APK – Download Unlimited Gems 2022

azar mod apk

In this article, we have added another useful app that lets you video chat with friends via the internet for free. The Azar app is what we’re talking about here. Our website now contains both Azar APK and Azar Mod APK files to make it easier for you to communicate with loved ones that live a thousand miles from you.

Azar App Information

I’d like to thank Hyperconnect Inc. for its fantastic app that makes communication easy for all of us. Using the Azar app, everyone can connect and video chat with people in their area.

Originally published on the Playstore back in 2013, this app has been downloaded over 100 million times. Due to its quality features, the Azar app has an enormous fan following around the world, and it is growing every day.

Azar Mod APK

From our website, you can download the best-modified version of the Azar app. In this app, you can get quite a few premium assets free of charge. Therefore, go ahead and follow the given steps to install the mod APK files on your phone.

Features of Azar Mod APK

  • The following are some of the advantages of Azar Mod APK:
  • Ads are not displayed in this application
  • You can access every paid and premium feature for free
  • Get free gems unlimited
  • Plus many more things to enjoy for free

azar mod apk

Azar Mod APK download & installation instructions

  • The apk file is automatically downloaded after pressing the download button.
  • In your mobile’s download folder, search for the downloaded apk file and install it.
  • You should click on unknown resources in the mobile settings.
  • The app will now open and you can begin enjoying it.

Features of Azar Mod APK

Some people prefer to keep their identities vague, so they don’t want to show their faces on camera until after they have had a simple conversation. In these areas, men only show up on video calls in certain areas. Add people to your friends’ list by starting a simple conversation whenever you want.

In the original version, sending a premium gift required purchasing every closed item. Our recommendation is to unlock all of them for free. The social platform is developed by an excellent team. Free telephone service is also available anywhere you are. It is a great performance overall.  

Get to know people

The app will help you meet friends from all over the world if you’re looking for new friends. Over 190 countries are represented, so you can make new friends there.

You can make calls

On Azar, you can make 100% free calls to your friends. Even the whole day can be spent calling your friends. You won’t have to pay anything extra for it.

This is a modified version of Azar. As a result, you will not see any ads in this app. Now you will not be irritated by ads during your phone conversations or text messages.

Translation of the message

There are 190 countries using this app. Thus, there may be a linguistic barrier between the two parties. The Message translation feature is available on Azar. The message can be easily translated from one language to another.

User-Friendly Interface

This app’s interface is one of its most amazing features. Your relationship is going to be a match made in heaven. Easily used and handled.

Personal information protection

Apparently, Azar does not leak any personal information. Azar will not sell the information it collects to any other third parties. Your profile information will only be visible to other users.

Getting in touch with people on Azar

You will choose your interests on your first login via Google or Facebook. Your preferred language will be used. The territorial settings are automatically determined. You must purchase a VIP pass in order to change this. If you purchase a VIP pass, you can select your gender for specific areas.

Random people in the area are matched up with you on the free version of the Azar app. Either balance or country-specific free accounts are the focus of regional attention. Gender can’t be chosen, for instance. Only people with VIP passes will be able to talk only to women through the app.

Your microphone, camera, and storage will be requested once the application is ready to connect. You will be connected to people once you get there. Women and men will mostly be randomly matched. Only selfie cameras work with the app and users can add filters to their videos. Be sure to supervise children when using this application.


Is this a paid or free app?

The app basically comes in two versions. It’s free to use the basic version of this app, but if you want its premium features, you need to purchase them.

Is Azar Pro APK same as Azar APK?

There is no difference between the two files, and both can be installed for free on your Android phone.

Is this Mod APK safe for use?

Your smartphone will be safe and secure to use as long as you use a 100% safe and secure app. Don’t waste time and download it straightaway.

Concluding Azar MOD APK

The information used to create this mod version of Azar Mod APK has been given to you. All of the app’s top-notch features will be available to you for free with this mod. You’ll be able to unlock all gear and have a completely unique experience. Should you need further assistance or run into any difficulties during setup, or if you have any essential questions, please send us your comments with all your information.

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