10 Best Adventure Games For PC, Android and IOS 2022

Where you open you Google play store you will found thousands of games. All has unique graphics and story but we cannot test each game that which one is best and which is not. So here we have selected the best adventure games of 2021 that are amazing and you will love to play them. So without any delay let’s start our list of best adventure games.

Best Adventure Games

Here is the list of best adventure games of 2021 that you would like to play.

  1. State of survival

State of survival is survival strategy game where the user has to hide or fight for their survival. This game is about zombie virus that spread in the whole city and the user goes to the badland six months after the virus spread. The players then find places to hide for the team members and other survivals. This zombie genre game is started globally on 2019 and become very famous zombie game. People who love to watch zombie movies would surely like this game because in this game you feel like you are in real zombie land. You made plans, ways to live and to hide yourself from zombies. This is really fun.

state survival

  1. Dragon city

Dragon city is a simulator that takes you to the magic world of dragons. This is the best adventure game of 2021 that is about creating your own city and live with dragons. Players of this game has to take care of their pets and to train them for the fight with other players. You actually have to do good care of your dragon and to create an army of dragons to defeat your opponents. Dragon city is an amazing game that will be thrilling for dragons’ lovers.

Dragon city

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft game is full of adventure and was first name as cave game. After that name changes and is then called Minecraft. Minecraft is game of survival tactics. Where you have to survive till the end. In this game the player is free to do whatever he/she wants. It’s an open world game where you do not have any goal. Firstly, the player is on the stage where he goes to the place of hills, stones, caves and deserts. Players can attack on the animals and can eat them or make things with them.


  1. Traffic rider

Traffic rider is one of the unique creation of traffic racer that you will love to play. It’s like racing game where you can select amazing bikes with amazing features. This game is like a real life racing with the amazing graphics and bike sounds that make it real. Enjoy the real racing with endless highway. This game is developed for android devices and is very easy to play. It has about millions of successful installation with positive reviews.

traffic rider

  1. Project QT

Project qt is an online amazing and innovative game that provides players an unlimited entertainment and fun. This game combines adventure, puzzle game, action and thriller genre that is why is one of the best adventure game for android devices. While playing this game you have to select a squad of beautiful girls and make an army to fight the battle. Different game characters has different powers and you have to explore their power to win the game. There are so many features of this game like you can dress up your team characters according to your choice but you have to buy their accessories.

project qt

  1. Shadow fight

This game is about fighting and is the latest game of shadow fight series. You have to install the game and start playing. When you start a game a background story run about the game. You are a warrior who fight with enemies and due to his lots of power get arrogant. Due to his arrogant he is punished and send to the world of shadow where there are so many dangerous enemies are waiting for him. He has to fight with them and is just a shadow now. In the game he realize that these enemies are dangerous for the world and something is wrong. So he fight with these evil spirits to go back to his world. Shadow fight is the best adventure game for PC and you will love to play this game.

shadow fight

  1. Garena Free fire

Free fire id developed by the 111 dots studio and the most famous royal battle game. This game is very easy to play and is the best adventure game of 2021. Also the players love the graphics of the game and thinks that the game is real. This game is design so professionally that the player feel like they are in the real battle field. There are verity of guns and snipers that you get in the game. To play this game you have to sign in the game. You will go to the area where you find guns, bombs and other tools that will help you to kill others.

free fire

  1. Township

Township is one of the famous farm related game where you perform your task and manage the farm. After the installation of the game when you first play the game you will get simple instructions of how to start the work. Your first will be plowing the soil and growing rice after that you have to feed the cows. This is the basic task that you have to do as your first work in the game. Then a time come when your farm is ready to harvest and to sell for money. With this money you can then make your farm bigger. this is also known as one of the best adventure game 2021.


  1. Mini Militia

Mini militia is a multiplayer 2D shooting game that is full of adventure. In this game there is a stick man that has to survive and to find weapons in the jungle. The player of the game uses map to find weapons, bombs and other materials for the safety in the jungle. You also have to kill your enemies that try to kill you and your team players. The most important and amazing feature of this game is that this game has a simple interface. This game have lots of levels, locations and environments that won’t let to get bore of the game.

mini militia

  1. PubG

Pubg is the most famous game of 2021. This game has millions of installations on the Playstore and is best adventure and fighting game. You have to survive in the game and to kill others. In start you have to select any area where you land and after that try to get weapons then the real game start. In this game you have a team of four people who fight with other players to win chicken dinner at the end.


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