10 Best Fighting Games For PC, Android and IOS 2022

Most of the people love fighting games as they can release all of their tension and frustration in the game. But selecting the best fighting game to play is difficult as there are so many games available on Google Playstore. That is why we have selected the best fighting games for you that you can play for free.

Best fighting Games

After seeing people’s love for fighting games here we have selected and listed down 10 Best action games of 2021.

  1. Free Fire

Free fire id developed by the 111 dots studio and the most famous royal battle game. it is the best adventure game for adventure lovers. This game is very easy to play. Also the players love the graphics of the game and thinks that the game is real. This game is design so professionally that the player feel like they are in the real battle field.  You will go to the area where you find guns, bombs and other tools that will help you to kill others. You need to be safe till the end and kill your opponents. You can zoom in to see the other players from far and can shoot them.

free fire

  1. State of survival

State of survival is survival strategy game where the user has to hide or fight for their survival. This game is about zombie virus that spread in the whole city and the user goes to the badland six months after the virus spread. This zombie genre game is started globally on 2019 and become very famous zombie game. You made plans, ways to live and to hide yourself from zombies. Also you have to develop the city by your hero’s skills. You can play this game with your friends and can make an organization of defense against the group of walking dead.

state survival

  1. Dragon city

Dragon city is one of the best simulation game that was developed eight years ago. It was launched on 3 July 2013 and after lots of struggling is now the most popular game on play store. You can install this game from play store and this game till now has almost 100M installations. Then you will get your dragon pets and have to take good care of them to develop your own army that will guard you city. The main concept of this game is to safe your city, farm and houses from opponents. For this purpose you grow up your dragons and train them that will help you to fight the enemies.

Dragon city

  1. Shadow fight

This game is about fighting and is the latest game of shadow fight series. You have to install the game and start playing. When you start a game a background story run about the game. You are a warrior who fight with enemies and due to his lots of power get arrogant. Due to his arrogant he is punished and send to the world of shadow where there are so many dangerous enemies are waiting for him. He has to fight with them and is just a shadow now. In the game he realize that these enemies are dangerous for the world and something is wrong. So he fight with these evil spirits to go back to his world.

shadow fight

  1. Pubg

Pubg is the most famous fighting and survival game where you can use different types of gun to shoot the opponent player. This is an interesting game and is the best fighting and adventure game of 2021. You can play this game with your friends as you have to make a team of four people. So four friends at the same time can play this game. Also if you have a room card then you can play with more than 4 people.


  1. Street Fighter V

Street fighter V is the game from the series of street fighter and is known as one of the best fighting game. In this game two players fight and apply their strategies to hit the opponent. With each hit the power of the player decreases and when he loses all his power the other will win the game. this game is the most searched game and you will surely like this game.

best fighting game 2021

  1. Supper smash Bros ultimate

Super smash is a fighting game between almost 8 players who fights. Each player of this game has their percentage meter that keeps on increasing when you hit other player. This has three main victory condition. One is you will win if you have to highest score till the time out. Second is you remain alive till the end of the game which you should be the last player left. The third one is when you defeat the player until their energy decreases to zero.

best action game

  1. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom is the 2D fighting game between two players. These two players are the characters of marvel and Capcom comics. Both players try to knock out the other player by their hitting. The health bar shown for each player and by each hitting the health bar score decreases. Each character has their own specialty that they can use in the game to knock down other.

marvel-vs-capcom-infinite best fighting game 2021

  1. Dragon Ball fighter Z

Like other fighting game dragon Ball fighter Z is also a one to one fight between the selected players. In start you have to select three players and make your team. Then each player fight with the opponent player. If any player die between the two the second selected player of that team take his place and continue the fight. If no one defeated till the time out then the player with most damage will lose the game.

Dragon ball z

  1. Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is the most famous and the best fighting game. it is the part of Tekken series and like all version Tekken 7 is also most famous game. In this game the each player has their own unique ability you just have to explore it. The players of Tekken 7 can continue attacking by absorbing the attacks of the other player. This game has so many feature that you can explore by playing this amazing game.

best fighting game tekken 7

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