Best Language Learning Apps For Beginners | Download 2022

best language learning apps

Are you looking for the best language learning apps? You are at the right place because in this article we have collected the best 5 language learning apps that will help you to learn different language. Learning different language is good for your professional as well as for personal life. You can also learn language if you are interested in speaking different language and it is amazing.

Best Language Learning Apps

We make selection of language learning apps easy as we researched to collect this data. These apps are the best learning apps for beginners and also for experts. You will learn different common words, basic conversations and if you want to be expert in any language you can also select advanced sessions of the apps.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best apps for learning different language. If you search for the best language learning apps you will always find it in every lists just because it is user friendly and easy to learn. You can install this app in your android devices as well as in IOS devices and the most important thing is it is free of cost. When you first open this app you will see different languages option from where you can select the language of your own choice.

Each language course is created by the native speakers so it is relief that you learn correct words. For each language there will be different courses from beginners to experts. If you just want to learn few basic words of the language you can learn that. After learning the selected language you can take basic language test by which you can analyze your skill.

2. LinguaLift

Lingualift is the 2nd best language learning app because it has less options than Duolingo app. The main feature of this app that make it 2nd best is you will get guide from a tutor. N complete you language course with the help of a tutor. This one is also best app for beginners as it provide a complete guidance that other app do not provide. After installing this app you have to sign up and then select the language you want to learn.

Learning different language is easy with this app because the tutor will properly guide you with grammar, vocabulary and tell you other sources by which you can learn more. This app is for those who want to learn a language for professional reason. This app is free but if you want to take a help of the tutor you have to pay the subscription amount of the app. In this subscription plan you will get access to their secret language learning book and customized study plan.

3. Memrise

Memrise is the best vocabulary practice app that have courses of so many languages. In this app you will get standardized language courses from the best textbooks. The main feature of this app is you can find different genre words in every language for example if you want to know the meaning of any word that like Japanese naughty words you will find out a session of these words. Also some words that are not explained in any book or any course is explained here. This app uses the method of creating funny words or memes with the different language words. You can use the free app but then you cannot enjoy the premium features of the app for that you have to buy the monthly subscription of the app.

4. MosaLingua

Mosalingua is a learning language source that includes different languages like French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc. You have to select the lesson plan according to your own choice and start learning. You also have option to select the phrases use in different time and places like you can learn phrase of cooking, tourism or time. This is an interesting thing that will increase your knowledge about different words in different languages.

One of the amazing feature of this app is that you can test your own language skill by taking assessment test. In this assessment test you can record your vocabulary, spelling to test your knowledge. This app is also free but its some features are free. To use advanced features of this app pay the monthly subscription price and enjoy learning multiple languages.

5. Bussuu

Bussuu is the 5th best language learning app that allow you to learn 12 different languages. It contains courses of these languages by which you can learn from start to become an expert. Like other learning apps basic features of Bussuu are free but you have to pay $17 a month to get access to the premium version. You will learn from single word to sentences and whole dialogue in that language.

With different words and sentences you will see the icon of sound that you press to listen the pronunciation of that word. This feature helps you to correctly pronounce the word according to the native pronunciation. Each course has mini course for those who want to learn that language quickly. During or after learning process this app provide you the benefit that you can talk to a native person of that language by text. Who will then talk to you and correct your mistakes by which you learn more effectively.

Concluding Best Language Learning Apps

Learning different languages is really amazing. It is not only helpful in different countries but also has a good impact in finding job. Keeping all the important factors of the leaning different languages we have selected the best apps and discussed them in detail. You can select any of this app if you are a beginner or intermediate. In my view Duolingo is the best language learning app because it has so many amazing features with so many language courses.

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