5 Best Photo Editing Apps Free In 2022

Images shows your personality and in social media only images are used that is why they must be cool and edited. Editing apps are used to make your images look professional and to ad shades in your images. There are so many images app among which are paid and few are free. You can install the free best photo editing app from Google Play store. Free apps have their premium versions too that you can buy to use premium features of the app.

Best Photo Editing Apps

After realizing the importance of the photo editing apps we have collected the best photo editing apps of 2021.

  1. Inshot Pro

Inshot pro is an amazing video and image editing app that has 4.8 star rating on Playstore. This app is the best video editor app known for its amazing features that make your videos professional and interesting. This app has almost 100M+ installation till now. Let’s us now discuss the basic features of this app and how it works.

Easy import and export: This app has option that you can import your videos and unlike other video editing app importing videos is easier and simple. It do not take long to import your videos to the app. Similarly exportation of the edited videos is also easy. If you are a newbie then inshot pro is the best editing app for you as a newbie.


  1. Faceapp

Faceapp pro is a editing software in which you can edit your images and can remove wrinkles, spots, blackheads and can make your face clean. You can edit your images like a pro and can apply different filters to your face images. Most of the people who are using any of the social media platform do not like to post pics without editing them. For that purpose they use the face editing apps from Playstore and make their images amazing and beautiful.

This app has so many unique features and filters that you can apply to make your images better. You can even change your personality and gender in your images. These amazing filters can remove wrinkles from you face and make your image young and can also add beard and moustache in your picture that looks real. This is an amazing editing app with lots of fun. Let’s see what you can do with the faceapp pro application.


  1. Pixlr

Pixlr app is used for casual photos and you can edit all your images with amazing filters. This app all you to share your images to any of your social media account and get more likes. Most of the famous influencer uses this application to make their photos looks good so that they get more likes and followers. So we can say that this app is also one of the best photo editing app of 2021.

It has lots of photo adjustment tool and has few premium features too. You can edit only selective area and this app provides you bushes to edit the chosen part of image. You cannot only edit the image but also use different layouts, can make photo collage and use different templates. The premium version of the app is $1.99/month and $11.99/year. You can buy the premium version to use the advanced features and to turn of ads of the app.


  1. Snapseed

This app is used for both android and IOS devices and is free to install. This app is mainly use at the professional level by the photographers. It also has no premium version that means you can use all the advanced features for free. You do not need to pay for this app that is why snapseed is most used app. Snapseed has advanced filters that are used in films making. These filters makes your images so attractive that everyone like it.

This app has layer of edits and has lots of features. You can resize, add text, and change transition of any image. You can also add stickers to any image and can blur the image too. Due to all these features this app is ranked one second number as world’s best photo editor app 2021.


  1. PicsART

Picsart is the best photo editing app that is why we have place it on number 1 position. It has so many filters, stickers, transitions, ratios and many more thing that make your images professional. You can edit all your pics in few minutes as this app is quick and amazing. This app so many features like crop, resize, filter changing, add makeup, change colors and all the basics tools that is required to edit  an image.

You can also buy the premium version of this app to use the advanced features of it. It will cost $11.99 per month but if you buy it for a whole year it will cost $4.66 per month that is so cheap. You can use the free version for daily use but if you are using this app in professional level then you must buy the premium version and have to pay.


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