5 Best Racing Game of 2022 Best PC, Android Game

Are you looking for the best racing games of 2021? Here we have collected some of the best racing games of the year that you will love to play. Everyone’s like racing game but teenagers and especially boys love these games. The game process is that you have to install a game and start playing. In start you can select the bike that you like. Each bike has its own special features and after selecting bike race is stared. These are the common steps of each game but there are different features and graphics that make these racing games different from each other.

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Best Racing Game 2021

  1. iRacing

iRacing is the online racing simulation that has amazing features that is why is listed in the best racing games. This game has dynamic track that change over the course of a race exactly that happens in real life. This game looks so real and easy to understand. If you are a newbie you can easily play this game and can select which game you want to play. Tis game have several mini games like, practice, testing, qualifying, time trailing competition etc. You can select cars of your own choice and have to buy them. These cars are licensed and has outstanding features.

iracing best racing game

  1. Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is one of the unique creation of traffic racer that you will love to play. It’s like racing game where you can select amazing bikes with amazing features. This game is like a real life racing with the amazing graphics and bike sounds that make it real. Enjoy the real racing with endless highway.  Sonar Kara develop this game and he published that game on Playstore on 2016. This game is developed for android devices and is very easy to play. This game has about millions of successful installation with positive reviews. This app users are so satisfy with the game and the number of player of this app increasing day by day.

traffic rider

  1. Gran Turismo Sport

Gran turismo sport is one of the best racing game that has 2 modes Sport mode and Arcade Mode. This game allows to race online and you can save the game in online mode only. You cannot customize the weather according to your choice but can change the timing. You can select day or night time of the race. This game has almost 32 locations where you can start the race and has collection of 327 cars. Among these few cars are locked and unlock after the completion of level. You can buy cars, locations and tools if you have enough money.

Gran Turismo Sport racing game

  1. Need for Speed Heat

Need of speed heat is an open world environment that is known as the palm city and is fictionalized the Miami, Florida and nearby cities. You can race in between the mountains and also can switch the mode from day to night. Unlike old version of need of speed this game looks more real and has so many features. You can win cash after winning a game that you can use to upgrade your car or to buy the new one. In this game you are not allowed to race in the palm city so you also have to save from the police. If you get caught you will lose your money as well as got arrested.

need for speed game

  1. Forza Horizon 4

Foriza Horizon 4 is an amazing video racing game and is the best racing game of 2021. This game has a collection of 70 amazing licensed cars. This game fictionalized the Great Britain and it allow riders to select the route for them. You can also play this game when you are offline. With the amazing graphics and familiar routes you feel like racing in real. You can fully customized your race which mean you can select the path, your vehicle, weather and also season according to your own choice. This feature create interests in the game and the player fully enjoy playing their own selected theme. There are other so many features of the game that keeps on unlocking after each level.

Forza Horizon 4 best racing game

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