10 Best Social Media APPs For Android & IOS In 2022

Social media apps are providing the best platform where you can meet new friends and can keep in contact with your all friends. These apps are free to install and are best entertaining platform for you. Here in this article we have explained the 10 best social media apps that you can install in your android, IOS and PC devices. In these social media apps you can not only contact your friends but also see what is happening in their life. There are so many creators who generate interesting content for the users and are earning from the platform. So you can say that these social media apps have all in one function.

Best Social Media Apps

Here is the list of 10 best social media apps that you can install in your devices to post things or to be in contact with your friends and have the best out of it.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is another famous social media platform where you can post images and videos. You can make business profile on this platform to make your business grow quickly. In your content you can use hashtags that will help the users to find your content.


  1. Tumbler

It’s the blogging and social networking site where you can post your videos, images, and thought with others. People on tumbler post different types of videos of pets, food, nature, fun and many more. Other people like their videos if they find them amazing and interesting. You can post you blogs there and see the viral tags on this platform.


  1. Messenger

Messenger is the feature of Facebook where you can message anyone who has Facebook account.  You can add your friends to your messenger and can chit chat with them. On messenger you can send videos, documents, audios and pictures. It has now started a new feature of adding status on messenger by which you can update your friends with what’s happening around you. Messenger also allows you audio and video calls and you can video call to more than 6 people in one time.


  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the image sharing site. You make your personal account or can also make business account where you can see how many people are watching your images. It allows to see others content and can also share them from their profile to your profile. You have to make board and pins to organize your content. If people like your content they follow you and also shares your content.


  1. Twitter

Twitter is worldwide famous app where people can speak up their mind. You can post your thoughts there and see the updates from verified authorities. You can like pages of your choice like cricket, news, funny pages, daily updates page on twitter. Hashtags are used in each post and if a hashtag get more retweets or shares then that hashtag become trending for the day. Some of the trending hashtags on twitter are #Covid #worldcup #lockdown etc.


  1. Tiktok

Tiktok is at the most famous social media apps from few years. In this app people post short videos that people around the world watches and like. You have to sign up to tiktok account using Gmail account. Then a screen will come informant of you where you can watch videos from the famous content creators. You can like, comment, follow, share and download the video. This app allows to create your own videos to get more followers and to earn money.


  1. Instagram

Instagram is a photo, and video sharing platform. It also has its own messenger where you can keep in touch with the people of different countries. You can post your photos and videos and if you get more follows you became famous. You will them start earing via advertising products. So you can say that its an earning platform too.


  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is chatting app that is very famous among people. You can send messages, pics, videos, audios and can call your friends. No other than your contact list can see you profile picture and you also can block wrong numbers. You can add your status and can show them to whomever you want. This app allows you to video call only 4 friends at a time. Moreover, you can see the last online status of your friends and also see whether they have read your message or not.


  1. Youtube

Youtobe is the biggest video sharing application. You can watch video of every type on this platform. You can watch dramas, movies, seasons, funny video, informational videos, and short videos. From the search option you can search your quires and hundreds of videos related to that. If you want to post your own videos you can post them and get views. It’s also an earning platform that is why is why so many people are now generating their own content to earn money. This application is already installed in android and other devices so you do not need to install it.


  1. Facebook

Facebook is the best site in all over the world. Millions of people are using Facebook and regularly open and post something on it. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. You can make account on Facebook where you can post, and share whatever you want. There are different Facebook groups that you can join for information, for movies, for images etc. that is why Facebook is lying on number 1 position.


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