5 Best Professional Video Editing Apps of 2022

Editing makes your videos professional. There are so many apps available on Play store that you can install. all of them have their own basic features that make each application different. selection of the best video app for android and IOS is difficult. it will take lots of time to use each app personally. So we have selected here the best video editing apps for you that you will surely love. Here are best the 5 best video editing apps of 2021.

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List of Best Video Editing Apps

  1. Inshot Pro

Inshot pro is an amazing video and image editing app that has 4.8 star rating on Playstore. This app is the best video editor app known for its amazing features that make your videos professional and interesting. This app has almost 100M+ installation till now. Let’s us now discuss the basic features of this app and how it works.

Easy import and export: This app has option that you can import your videos and unlike other video editing app importing videos is easier and simple. It do not take long to import your videos to the app. Similarly exportation of the edited videos is also easy. If you are a newbie then inshot pro is the best editing app for you as a newbie.


  1. FilmoraGo

Fimorago is the best free video editor having lots of features. It has layers box where you can add different voices, transitions, clips on different layers. You can add text to your videos and can use different fonts. By using this app you can edit videos professionally and can get more views of your videos. It is very easy to use and easy to install that is why filmorago is the best video editing app for android and for PC.

If you buy the premium version of this application you get access to unlock all the advanced features of this app and get watermark free videos. Otherwise you will get a watermark at the end of videos. Use this amazing app to get better experience of editing videos.

filmora go best video editing app

  1. Viva Video

Viva video is another amazing video editing app that provide all the best features of video editing. This app is free with hundreds of stickers, transitions and effects that make your video professional and engaging. You can make slow motion videos even you can fast the video. But you will get a thumbnail on the video after exporting it you use the free app. if you buy the premium app there will be no thumbnail.

This app allow you to use background voice. You either enter your own voice or can use the voices clips of viva video app. you can also access the short animated clip of this app in your videos. This application is available for android, IPad, and for IPhone as well.

viva video best editing app

  1. Kinemaster Pro

This app was started on 2013 and now has become the most popular video editing app. This app has more than 100M installation on the play store that shows how many people are using this app. People use this app to edit their videos that they will post on social media networks like YouTube, Instagram. This video editor app is so easy to use as if you are a newbie in the video editing field you will find it easy and fun. You will learn more on this app instead of other apps like adobe, FilmoraGo etc.  So if you want to make professional videos use this app.

kinemaster apk

  1. Video Show

Video Show is the best video editing app for mobile usage. You can edit you videos using free features of this app. not only trimming, cutting or cropping the videos you can also add multiple effects. You can add transitions, overlays, visual effects, sound track, filters, stickers, images, and even you are allow to live dub your videos. You can enhance your video editing ability using this free app. also you can edit daily posting videos or can make slow motions of your videos etc.

This app also show their watermark after exporting the videos. If you buy the premium version you not only can use the advanced feature of this application but also get watermark free videos without any ads. You can install this app on your android, IOS and IPad.

video show editing app

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