Best Workout Apps For Men and Women | Download 2022

Best workout apps

There are so many benefits of workout that is why we have collected the best workout apps for you. These fitness apps will help you to get healthy body and also healthy mind. You can do exercise at home daily spending 15-20 minutes that will be enough. In these apps you can select exercise either you want to do exercise for the whole specific part. Here in this article you will see 5 best workout apps that will help you to get fit body.

1. Calories Counter-MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the best workout app that is free to download on android as well as on IOS devices. Its subscription cost for advance features is $10/month. This app track your fitness activities as well as calories that how much calories you burn and how much you gain in whole day. In this app you will see 350+ workouts that will help you to burn your calories and make you fit. MyFitnessPal app allow you to connect with several apps.

There are few pros of this app like it has database of almost 11 million foods, integrate with other devices, lots of workout plan, logs both food intake and physical activities and a healthy chart or you can say a food diet for you. As this app has so many features that is why it is listed as number one fitness app. You can use the free features of the app but premium feature is far better than the free. You can enjoy the amazing exercises and can lost weight in appropriate way.

2. Daily Workout Fitness Trainer

This is the 2nd best Workout app that is developed by a certified trainer. In this app you will get videos of exercise that will be from 5-30 minutes for whole body, arms, legs and abs etc. you just have to install the app and can enjoy the basic services for free.  You can also pay for the monthly subscription that is not too much. By getting the premium version of this app you can enjoy the benefit of workout at home.

This app is best for the beginners as you find out videos of the workout that will be easy for you to understand. This app has sessions of workout for men as well as for women with lots of exercises. If you install this app you will not need to go the gym and spend 2 hours there. Just install the app and select the exercise routine according to the choice.

3. Nike Training Club

This Nike training app is built after the name of the brand Nike. This app is like a personal trainer in which you can get free workouts. You just have to spend few minutes and do exactly as you will see in this app. There you will get fitness exercises as well as yoga sessions for free. This is the free app with amazing features of daily workout sessions. First you have to install the app and select the option that either you want yoga session or workout. After that do exactly what the Nike trainer say.

4. C25K 5K Trainer

This app is rated as 4.8 and is free app for daily workout. This app includes 8 week program in which you are guided to perform task like running, walking, jumping etc. After some light exercise you will be gradually start doing difficult exercise that will burn calories. One more important feature is that you will enjoy music with each step that will keep entertaining you in every step. This app is used in both IOS devices as well as in Android devices. The installation method Is so easy, just go to your Playstore and search for this app and install it.

5. Sworkit

Sworkit is free workout app especially for beginners. If you enjoy the beginner’s workout and want to carry on your exercise you can buy the premium version of this application. The monthly subscription rate of this app is $10 per month. Here you will find different sessions like sessions of workout, Yoga, Cardio, and Stretching.

Sworkit is the best app for beginners to set goals and to keep motivated for doing workout.  By this app you can maintain your fitness and can regularly do some exercise. Using this app for working out has so many benefits like you do not have to go out for walk or to gym. Also this app can integrate with other apps and it provides accurate coaching for the exercise to make steps easy and to develop interest of the beginner.

Concluding Best Workout Apps

Daily workout is good for health and it also keeps you fit and active. People feel more comfortable to do exercise at home rather going to any gym. That is why different apps are made that will help you to do daily exercise of your own choice. We have listed different apps that are good for beginners, for slow learner and for both men and women. In few of these apps have yoga sessions and also cardio sessions that make your select what is better for you.

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