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magic tiles 3 apk

With Magic Tiles 3, you will enjoy catchy music. Different players create different tones based on their playing styles. In this game, the latest album included by the publisher, Amanotes, has been fully updated. Points are scored by clicking the black icon that runs across the screen. The game screen will immediately stop if you click on the wrong position. You can set a record with unlimited style play. The player will face challenges when playing difficult songs. The top score is determined by two factors: quickness and accuracy. Game Magic Tiles 3 has many songs, but you have to meet some requirements to play them.

Magic Tiles 3 features work by world-renowned artists. Is it your dream to become a professional pianist? In addition to drums and trumpet, some other instruments are also included. Those who enjoy fast-paced music should check out Magic Tiles 3. You should be able to make a seamless sound, so click at the right moment and release it.

Magic Tiles Game Overview

You can play Magic Tiles on your mobile device; it’s an interesting piano-based music game that’s fun and addictive. On the coming music tiles, you have to tap on specific notes in order to play the addictive gameplay. While you complete the levels, select the correct notes to enjoy the music.

In addition, Android gamers will discover much more interesting features with this latest introduction to the series, which includes new songs, new game modes, and the charming gameplay you’re accustomed to. You’ll be addicted to this casual and addictive game whenever you’re playing it on your Android device.

About Magic Tiles 3

Amanotes, an incredibly talented Vietnamese young startup, created the game. Magic Tiles 3, which was launched in 2014 and aims to bring music to everyone, is the most popular music game with over 80 million downloads worldwide. Music is your passion, but if you have trouble practicing it, this game can help you become a true artist.

Features of Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

  • The following are all the exciting features of the game:
  • Playing on your Android device is simple and intuitive
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve played these games before or you’re brand new to them, when you start Magic Tiles 3 the first thing you notice is how easy it is to get used to the game.
  • Despite this, along with the straightforward gameplay, you’ll be given easy-to-follow tutorials and guides to familiarize yourself with the game. Consequently, the game is not overwhelming at first. Once you start playing Magic Tiles, you will feel completely comfortable.
  • In addition to that, the easy-to-use touch controls will simplify gameplay for the majority of Android gamers. It is therefore a fun game for casual players to play at any time.

Piano Songs of the Highest Quality

Additionally, Magic Tiles 3 introduces Android users to beautiful and high-quality piano tracks so that they can truly immerse themselves in their addictive in-game experiences. Take advantage of the latest and most popular music tracks being recomposed as piano songs, or learn to play the classic pieces we all know and love.

Magic Tiles will offer gamers even more rhythmic gaming experiences thanks to the extra themes and effects in the game. After reaching a certain level and achieving a certain tapping speed, you’ll be able to unlock the special gameplay.

There are also many other instrumental songs in the game that weren’t in the previous games, such as guitar, drum, and many more. You’ll still enjoy all of your favorite core values as you explore new ways to play.

magic tiles

Various modes of play are available

You can also pick up and play Magic Tiles 3’s different game modes whenever you like. There is no longer just one classic game mode to enjoy. There are a number of different gameplay modes you can choose from, starting with:

  • Play online in the ultimate competition for the fastest tapper with other players from around the world. Rank yourself among the top players around the world by competing with them.
  • If you prefer to play the game with guitars, pianos, and other musical instruments, you can always choose the Band mode. Take a look at the new and unique tracks you have never tried before.
  • Play Magic Tiles battles with friends and online players around the world to make the game more fun. Players will compete in real-time battles to find out who can tap the keys more accurately and faster. If you’re confident in your abilities, then you shouldn’t have any problems giving it a go.
  • The game also provides the option to play Custom Matches, which allow you to take on a specific opponent in the game. Defeat any online gamers or your friends in a competition. Share your victory with them.

Your social accounts will unlock additional content when you connect the game

The game also allows gamers to connect their social accounts and unlock a variety of features through their social accounts. You can upload your game progress to the online drives using the sync and save options online. Additionally, you can always sync the game to any other device you own.

The app will also allow you to see who your friends are who are also playing the game. As a result, it will be very easy for you to match them in your Custom piano challenges, or compete in the Challenge mode. Plus, you can earn a lot of rewards from your social account when you link it to the game.

Gain access to special rewards by completing achievements and challenges

Added to that, gamers can also pick up and enjoy many interesting in-game achievements and challenges. Completing them will earn you special rewards as you advance in the game.

Enjoy your daily rewards while staying connected

Additionally, Magic Tiles 3 offers many daily rewards in order to reward its dedicated players. You can pick them up anytime and enjoy them. You can begin collecting prizes if you play the game frequently. The only thing standing between you and the special prize you’ve always wanted is stacking rewards.

Take part in various themed events to customize your boards

Moreover, Android gamers are introduced to many interesting customizations that they can make to their boards, which makes the game even more enjoyable. Try different backgrounds, tiles, and effects by changing the look of your tiles. Various options are available for you to explore.

You’ll also occasionally get the chance to enjoy themed events within the game. You can experience a refreshing interface, enjoy unique visuals, and collect rewards during this time period.

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Visual and sound quality


Introducing android gamers to rhythmic gameplay in Magic Tiles 3’s clean and beautiful graphics. With this app, you can enjoy the visual effects with each tap, unlock themes to use on your tiles, and customize your tiles the way you want. In addition, the game will be a lot more enjoyable with high-quality graphics and fluid animations.


Play Magic Tiles 3 and enjoy the beautiful music and addictive gameplay while listening to stunning music. You’ll be completely engrossed in the game if you have your headphones on, especially if you’re using your speech recognition software.

Listen to your favorite music

The game is an upgraded version of the previous two, so it doesn’t offer much new. The only thing you have to do is touch the black piano keys that are running toward your screen while avoiding the white keys. By playing each black key, the sound of the music is created, and so you become proficient at playing it.

There’s more to this game than meets the eye. Whenever you miss a black key or hit a white button, your song ends immediately. The song’s speed increases after each chorus, requiring you to keep a fast reaction time.

The appeal of this game is its music, so that’s its defining feature. Magic Tiles 3 offers more classical music than Magic Tiles 2, which uses only a single piano instrument. You can also log in and share your achievements with your friends when you play the game on Facebook.

There are many instruments you can play alongside the piano, including the trumpet, drum, and it can combine a number of musical instruments. Furthermore, the music selection has been carefully chosen to create a relaxing atmosphere. There are 200 songs to discover. Furthermore, publishers regularly update modern music. The level and the money you have will unlock each track.

magic tiles mod apk

Would you like to become Richard Clayderman or Yiruma?

Magic Tiles 3 not only plays music but is also a game with many attractive features. Players from around the world can watch you perform in battle mode. In Custom matches, you can fight with friends or anyone you want. Tournaments help to increase competition so that you are able to receive many attractive prizes in addition to the matches.

Many famous albums

There has been a lot of buzz about Magic Tiles 3, which synthesizes famous music collections. The player can search for their favorite artists. Big names like Sia, Crazy Frog, Charlie Puth are associated with chandelier, axel f, bad romance, how long…

Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK Version

  • Features of MOD
  • You can unlock VIP status by unlocking unlimited money.
  • There will be no advertising.
  • Get new songs by using the money that you have. In order to continue playing more turns, players can use the VIP feature. There will also be no ads in Magic Titles 3, so you don’t have to worry about this.
  • Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK for Android

It is not a bad idea to play music on mobile if you cannot afford expensive instruments or do not have enough time to train. Plus, it’s available anywhere, at any time. The fact that Magic Tiles 3 has been among the most popular mobile games in 2018 is no coincidence. Take the opportunity to showcase your musical talents by downloading the game today!

Concluding Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

Magic tiles 3 is undoubtedly a great music game that you can enjoy as an experienced pianist while competing with others. It contains top hits from every genre that make the game fantastic to listen to as well as enjoyable to play. Feel free to share this modified version with your friends if you like it. Furthermore, if you have any problems with this Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk or if any modded feature does not work for you, please comment down below. It would be my pleasure to answer all of your questions.


As you can imagine, this superb music game is causing you to have tons of questions. The following are some of the questions I am usually asked by visitors.

Let me know if you have any questions about Magic Tiles 3 apk or if you don’t think I’ve answered your question. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk is 100% safe to use on any device. Each modded game I share on our website is tested with a variety of premium antiviruses by our team of experts.

As a result, using this app will not compromise the privacy or security of your data.

What are the Benefits of Magic Tiles 3 VIP Subscription?

VIP Subscriptions for Magic Tiles 3 provide a number of benefits, and some of them are listed below.

  1. Experience without advertisements
  2. Upcoming and Current Songs Unlocked
  3. Customize songs by uploading them

Does this game contain Ads?

Magic Tiles 3 contains advertisements, and if you are not a premium member, then you have seen a video advertisement after every game.

What will I get in this mod Apk?

A VIP subscription was provided free of charge along with unlocking all the songs.

Here is a list of detailed information.

  • The unlimited amount of diamonds
  • There are no advertisements
  • You can access the VIP area for free
  • A list of unlocked songs

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