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mini militia

Mini militia which is also known as the doodle army 2 is very famous game that you can play with your friends and family. People of every age group can play this game and really like this game. For making this game more amazing and thrilling the developers of this game keeps on updating this game. Here we are providing you the latest updated version of the Mini Militia Mod APK in which you can access the premium features of the game for free.

Mini Militia Game

Mini militia is a multiplayer 2D shooting game that is developed by Appsomniacs. In this game there is a stick man that has to survive and to find weapons in the jungle. The player of the game uses map to find weapons, bombs and other materials for the safety in the jungle. You also have to kill your enemies that try to kill you and your team players. The most important and amazing feature of this game is that this game has a simple interface. This game have lots of levels, locations and environments that won’t let to get bore of the game.

Multiplayer game: this game is a multiplayer game and you can play with your friends and family. You have to create a team where different players are included. All the team members’ together fight with the enemies for their survival.

Different location: while playing this game you will have different locations. This game also has different levels that you have to clear to reach on the next level with new location.

Easy to play: This is very simple and easy game so you can learn this game easily if you are a newbie. You just have to install the game and start playing the game.

Mini Militia APK

Mini militia APK is the updated version of mini militia game and has lots of features. This Mini Militia APK is as same as the original one with lots of amazing features and advanced features of the game. If you download the mini militia APK you will get access to unlock all the advanced features of the game without paying for it. Installation process of this apk file is so easy just follow the following steps to install it to your android as well as to IOS devices.

  • Click on the download button given
  • After downloading go to the file manager of your device
  • Find the mini militia apk file and install it
  • You have to allow few permissions and then enjoy the amazing game with premium features

Mini Militia Mod APK

minimilitia mod apk

Mini militia Mod APK is the latest version of mini militia apk that allow to use all the features of the game. After installing mod apk you can play this game even if you are offline. And the most amazing thing is you will get all these without paying anything. You will get these features free. Here are some features of this apk

Features of Mini Militia Mod APK

  • You can unlock the advanced features
  • Get unlimited health which means if you get attracted by your enemies you can heal yourself quickly. You cannot get unlimited health if you are playing the original game.
  • You will also get unlimited bullets to fire on your enemies. In the game you will never run short of guns and can kill all your enemies.
  • In this mod apk file of mini militia game you can fly for unlimited time. For example if any of your enemy try to kill you can fly to safe yourself. In the original game you can fly only for the limited time.
  • You can select any location for the game as you can unlock all the premium locations.
  • Can play game offline and do not need internet to play this amazing game.
  • This Mod APK file is safe to install in your android and IOS devices
  • You can unlock any of your character of the game

How to Download Mini Militia Mod APK

  • Click on the download button given
  • This download will take you to the downloading page from where you can download the Mod APK file
  • After downloading go to the file manager of your device
  • Find the mini militia apk file and install it
  • You have to allow few permissions and then enjoy the amazing game with premium features

Concluding Mini Militia Mod APK

Mini militia is a many player game that can make you its addict. You will love to play this game as this game has lots of features. In this game you have to survive from your enemies with all your team players and have to fight with the enemies. You can kill your enemies, fly, heal yourself, use guns and bombs to kill them. If you want to enjoy all the unlimited features and play this game offline then download the mini militia Mod APK file the game and enjoy the premium features.

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