My Cafe MOD APK – Download Unlimited Money 2022

my cafe apk mod apk

With this simulation game, you can set up your own unique coffee shop that will attract residents from all over the city. The interface of My Cafe Mod Apk is very user-friendly and it has simple gameplay. In order to become a city’s best mini restaurant, all you have to do is save money to buy the necessary ingredients.

Overview of My Cafe Mod Apk

My Cafe is a story about a restaurant game where you are the partner of the chef at the Cafe. You start with empty rooms and a little equipment, for example, for tea and a breakfast bar, so the first visitor will be received after a little while. Increasing your income allows you to buy new equipment and hire employees. Through awesome gameplay and high graphics, My Cafe – Restaurant Game is an interesting game that teaches you business ethics.

An APK modification of the official My Cafe Restaurant game is available. The following premium features are available after you get this MOD, including unlimited money, unlimited crystals, VIP 7 unlocked, and much more.

My Cafe Story

In this game, you take control of an entire coffee shop or restaurant in a simple yet addictive business game. Make this a premium restaurant where customers want to go once it’s developed into a small family business. With dozens of customization options available in this game, you’ll be able to exercise your creativity like never before. Design your restaurant’s interior to be both efficient and appealing to customers to make them more inclined to come in.

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Unlike most games, gamers will have the chance to engage with their customers in My Cafe’s stories. As you assist your customers in resolving their problems, you gain insight into daily life. We need to hear each other’s stories, and we need to have our own solutions.

Plus, you can interact with other store owners both online and offline. Enjoy their stories while learning about their unique experiences.

How to download the My Cafe Mod Apk?

  • To download, click the link.
  • By selecting Yes, the download process will begin.
  • After the download is complete, you will immediately be taken to the installation page for the mod APK.
  • Your Android device will finish the installation process once you select Install.
  • Enjoy this game on your Android phone.

Features of My Cafe Mod APK

Listed below are all the exciting features of the game:

  • The developers added the story mode to the game to make it even more interesting. This mode enables you to build relationships with your staff and regular customers. You can interact with them, gossip with them, and learn about their struggles. Besides making new friends, you can also build long-lasting relationships with customers. The game is unique in that it lets players experience gameplay in a life simulation mode.
  • By expanding your restaurant, you can make money and reach new heights. Adding a bakery or diner to your Cafe would be an excellent idea. The recipes allow you to make unique drinks, such as tall lattes and mojito cupcakes. There are so many unique additions to this game that ensure the gamer is not bored so easily and is hooked to it.

my cafe apk

  • It is the fact that the game comes with the advantage of customization that makes it stand out from all the other Google Play Store games. There are 900 customizable options in this game, so you can choose from tiles to floors to colors for a Cafe that’s a perfect representation of yourself.
  • If you get to play the game with your friends, it just gets a whole lot more fun and exciting. The game makers completely understood this aspect and introduced the concept of visiting your friends’ restaurants on Facebook. By doing so, you can see how your friend is doing and see how you stack up against the competition.
  • The app also lets you get a customized cafe and bakery where you can go out and interact with so many people in the town and discover how things work and how they live. Another feature of the game is a life simulation. This will make it unique.

Additional Mod Features

  • You’ll get unlimited money
  • Activate VIP 7
  • Design Your Coffee Shop
  • Invite your friends to play
  • Play against other players
  • Enjoy ad-free gaming

Play online with other gamers around the globe

With this game, you’ll meet up with players from around the world and enjoy exciting online gameplay. Take part in My Cafe’s social world and interact with other Cafe owners who also have the same passion for the coffee and restaurant industry. As you participate in awesome festivals, you can share your experiences, compete with other players, and enjoy engaging in online gaming.


The gameplay includes 3D models of adorable restaurants that are designed with simple graphics. Discover how engaging it is to hear your customers’ stories through hand-drawn images. Discover a completely new way of telling stories.


My Cafe features amazing and relaxing soundtracks, which allow gamers to fully relax and unwind. As you listen to a beautiful soundtrack, enjoy the unique features and enjoyable gameplay of the game.

my cafe mod apk


My friends, I know that there are lots of questions on your minds about this amazing online simulation game. I have provided below answers to the most common questions about this game.

Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

There is no risk involved in using My Cafe Mod APK on any Android device. 

Can I play the My Cafe Recipes and Stories game Offline?

It’s not possible to play the My Cafe Recipes and Stories game offline since it’s an online simulation game. To play the game, you need a stable internet connection.

Concluding My Cafe MOD APK

This game allows players to live their dream of setting up their own cafe in a small town with their best friend Ann. The Cafe serves delicious coffee and homemade bakery items to attract customers. It’s just a matter of making sure your customers are satisfied on time and earning a good amount of tips from them. As a result, you will become the town’s most popular cafe. By using the My Cafe Mod Apk, you will be able to access an infinite amount of money that will allow you to make any amount of purchases from the store without ever worrying about the price. With its added benefit, the game is a great choice for your Android device.

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