Nova Launcher Prime APK – Download Extra/Unlocked 2022

Nova Launcher apk

Nova Launcher can bring a whole new look to your Android device. With this application, you can make your home screen more stylish and unique. For Android you can now download Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK latest version for free. Several different Android features can be changed, including colors, backgrounds, themes, and effects.

How does Nova Launcher work?

Humans gradually become more and more reliant on their phones. Communications, entertainment, and even work-related tasks can be assisted by technology. Using Nova Launcher, your Android phone can become more personal and stylish if you find the default interface of Android tedious and dull.

A TeslaCoil app called Nova Launcher allows you to customize your launching experience. You can customize the appearance, themes, and layout of your home screen using this application, which works like Android’s launcher. Even though Android phone developers are always trying to make the operating system look better, you know, personal style always matters. Users don’t like a standardized interface and layout, so they turn to apps such as Nova Launcher that help them customize their Android phones to fit their own tastes.

What is Nova Launcher Prime?

In addition to having even more features than the free version of Nova Launcher, Nova Launcher Prime is the premium version. Almost all parts of your Android smartphone can be customized using it since it features so many features. Furthermore, you won’t even have to pay anything for it because here we’ll show you how to get it free of charge. You should always pay the developers for supporting them once you can afford it.

Nova Launcher mod apk

Nova Launcher Prime APK Installation

It’s just as easy to install Nova Launcher Prime as it was to download it. Following is the procedure you can follow to install the APK file on your phone once it has been downloaded:

  • Navigate to your phone’s settings.
  • Open Security settings by tapping Security.
  • You will find the ‘Unknown sources’ feature if you scroll down.
  • Make sure it’s enabled if not already, which will be the case for most devices.
  • Open the file manager on your phone.
  • The Nova Launcher Prime APK file should be located in the folder you saved it in.
  • Choose ‘Install’ to start the installation when you have selected the file.
  • The installation process will take some time to complete.
  • Let it finish.

Nova Launcher’s outstanding features

Choose a theme that suits your style

With a new theme, you can transform your entire phone into something completely different. You can choose from a variety of themes, including nature, the universe, Christmas, cat, animal, love, superhero, … Not only do themes change the wallpaper, they modify the layout, the color, the application icons according to the style you pick, what you like. Finding a suitable theme is not difficult.

Edit the application icons

You should also consider your apps’ icons to show off your style in addition to your theme. There are thousands of icons in the app icon store of Nova Launcher. Updates are made daily to stay on top of emerging applications. The Google Play store is updated with thousands of applications every day. Icons can be selected to match your phone’s general theme. If you want to personalize each application, you can edit its icon.

Night mode, dark mode

The ability to use Nova Launcher in the dark is always a popular feature. In the daytime, all of us are extremely busy with work. We can enjoy chatting with friends on social media, watching movies on our mobile phones at night, reading news, and even watching movies on our mobile phones. As a result, the night mode helps the phone’s light become softer, helping us to protect our eyes. The night mode of Nova Launcher can be activated automatically at a scheduled time (7 or 8 pm).

Additionally, the dark mode conserves battery power and reduces the brightness of the screen on your Android device. During use, bright colors have also been removed to prevent a feeling of fatigue in your eyes.

App drawer feature

Is your screen cluttered with too many apps? Your apps are organized in the app drawer of Nova Launcher by category. Additionally, the drawer offers many zoom and zoom effects, both vertically and horizontally.

Positioning grid

By using the grid display of Nova Launcher, it is easy to move apps to the right position, avoiding the uneven spacing between column and row.

Backup and restore data

The Nova Launcher creates a cloud feature to backup data so that users are able to easily sync the theme and layout of their new phone when choosing a new one. Sync your new phone with your existing data by logging in.

Nova Launcher apk

Nova Launcher MOD APK

Feature of MOD

  • Unlocking the Prime feature
  • Optimized
  • The permissions, services have been disabled
  • Analytics and crash analytics are disabled


How to use Nova Launcher?

In the settings menu of the app, you have the option to allow Android phones to prefer Nova Launcher instead of the original launcher. When that happens, you can use it like any other phone.

Does Nova Launcher make your phone slower?

No, probably not. A weak configuration on your Android phone can cause this issue, however, especially if your Android device is old. Based on my experience with a Xiaomi Note 8 Pro, I don’t notice too many differences between Nova Launcher and Xiaomi’s native launcher. Running this app smoothly is not a problem as long as your phone has a medium amount of RAM and chip.

Concluding Nova Launcher Prime APK

One of the reasons why Nova Launcher Prime is so popular among users is its unique customization capabilities. Among the most popular premium launchers for Android, that is why it is so popular. Furthermore, if you can receive it free of charge, there is no reason you shouldn’t use it. By following the instructions outlined above, you can download it and thank us later!

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