Pokemon GO MOD APK – Unlimited Money & Fake GPS 2022

Pokemon GO MOD APK

Adventures with mischievous Pokemon await you in Pokemon GO. Pokemon Go allows players to capture and train virtual Pokemon which are based on their real world counterparts. An extremely interesting and fun game has been released by the Niantic family. Using the Pokeball, players will travel everywhere, searching for and collecting Pokemon along the way. There are many types of Pokemon that live in different areas of the world. Explore a wide range of new landmarks and expand your map. Utilize the Pokeball to travel around different locations and collect Pokemon. The gameplay is simple, fun and lets you travel to new lands and defeat Pokemon that is why in this article we have provided the pokemon go mod apk for you. 

Explore the world with Pokemon and play the game with good trainers. Colors and sounds contribute immensely to the realistic portrayal of the scenery. Millions of players are attracted to the game because of its easy gameplay. Users find the game to be hot, though this does not negate its popularity. A whole world of little Pokemon will be revealed to you. Play Pokemon games to defeat your opponents and win. Those mischievous Pokemon need to be dealt with.

Story of Pokemon Go

The game Pokemon Go mod apk uses virtual interaction technology in order to give you a more comprehensive understanding of it. Thus, a smart mobile device is necessary when playing this game. If you want to check your location, you need a network connection (3G, 4G) and GPS turned on on your phone.

It is only through games that virtual interaction technology is applied for the first time. Pokemon must be caught out in the world, in the parks, schools, hospitals, not just seated in one place. There is no doubt that this game will give you an experience like no other.

The plot of the game is inspired by the Pokemon Go movie. There are no complicated controls to learn. The players will have to use the Poke Ball trajectory to reach the original location so they can recruit Pokemon along the way.

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Because the Pokemon species are so diverse in this game, players can easily recruit them. There will be a different type of person in each area. The position of each of them is, however, readily apparent. A water-type Pokemon would be found near a river or sea, for example. Milestones act as specific locations on your own map which players near the sea and river will meet. You can also use Google to find out what the strongest Pokemon is.

As with real life, your map will expand as you visit new locations. Whenever you achieve a new milestone, you are able to catch more Pokemon. It’s possible to get medals for your Pokemon at the gym.

How to Install Pokemon Go Mod APK:

  • Activate Unknown Sources in Settings > Security.
  • Click on the link below to download
  • Store the file on the device.
  • Install the Mod Apk by tapping on the app.
  • That’s it.
  • Have fun!

Features of Pokemon Go Mod APK


Pokemon are scattered across the world in the original games, and players control the virtual character to catch them. The camera on a player’s device allows them to experience many elements of fiction in the real world through the use of Augmented Reality. It allowed players to experience more vividness and realism when searching for Pokemon. In addition, the game provides players with a radar that uses real map data in real-time, tracking the player’s position and creating random Pokemon to engage in battle.

Pokemon GO MOD APK


Upon colliding with a Pokemon in the environment, the player will enter a battle mode, and until certain conditions are met, the player can begin capturing. As a result, catching Pokemon requires high accuracy, since the player must flick their Pokeballs precisely to hit their targets and capture them. They can encounter different types of Pokemon, which can affect the battle process, including environmental variables. There are plenty of surprises along the way to becoming a great trainer in this game thanks to this novel mechanic implemented in a Pokemon game.


Pokemon GO has made monster-catching ever more exciting thanks to its AR system applied in gameplay. In addition, all functions will lead to a surprising experience, including interacting with other players or Pokemon. The site will offer a number of online resources, which people can interact with and share. The game world will also be filled with many attractive events, giving everyone a chance to show off their favorite Pokemon. In this way, they will be rewarded for leveling Pokemon or getting new equipment for further development.


If players have ever wanted to relax with adorable pets, this game will also be a great opportunity for them to interact with Pokemon. Through the AR system, the player can summon any Pokemon in front of the camera and perform actions with them directly through the screen. All elements related to visuals are perfectly built to create a realistic environment and give players a lot of feeling when constantly entertaining the creatures. Furthermore, players can visit virtual shops to purchase treats or food and feed them directly to level up.


There are countless battles to fight in Pokemon GO that will be constantly updated with the latest activities. These activities also present an opportunity for everyone to interact and communicate directly with each other through the integrated voice chat system or through traditional turn-based battles. In order to create the most impressive combos, the player’s coordination in those activities is key. When players join raids, they will unlock a lot of new elements, as well as a lot of opportunities to exchange effective combat skills for certain Pokemon elements. A number of events will take place around the world every week. In addition to earning generous rewards, it has the effect of promoting the evolution of Pokemon.


Trainer battles are always the most exciting and noteworthy, and the elements of surprise and strategy will be pushed to the limit. Furthermore, players can participate in matches against bots or online against other players in the game’s continuous tournaments. However, all trainers will be placed in a friendly environment, with the power and abilities of each Pokemon balanced. The player will be rewarded for progressing further in the game based on the rank they achieved throughout the tournaments.

Gamer’s love for Pokemon GO has exploded and the game has been widely promoted among the fan base. Through AR technology, players will have new sensations and experiences, which will constantly motivate them to look for rare and valuable Pokemon across the globe. Players can also participate in various featured events or constantly update the game’s content to keep things exciting.

Pokemon GO MOD APK


Do I have the option of playing against my friends’ Pokemon?

Currently, this isn’t possible. In the beta version, you can only fight in gyms.

PokeStop, what is it?

There is a blue dot on the map indicating the location of PokeStop. When you click on a building, monument, or park, various details will appear. You can purchase items in these images, such as PokeBalls and Pokemon eggs with the egg incubator tool, which will allow you to hatch a new Pokemon.

Concluding Pokemon GO MOD APK

Furthermore, Pokemon Go mod apk is not like other Pokemon games, nor is it an ordinary smartphone game. In comparison to most other types of games currently available, Pokemon Go is quite a unique game. 

Pokemon Go mod apk is undeniably a revolutionary gaming app that helps you discover new things as well as play games in an unprecedented way. There are always new secrets waiting to be discovered every time you visit a new place.

Furthermore, this unique application also allows you to connect with people nearby. Is there anything more rewarding than making friends you do not know?

It offers users a glimpse of what virtual reality models will be like in the future.

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