State of Survival APK Latest Version Unlimited Money 2022

state survival

State of survival is survival strategy game where the user has to hide or fight for their survival. This game is about zombie virus that spread in the whole city and the user goes to the badland six months after the virus spread. The players then find places to hide for the team members and other survivals.

This zombie genre game is started globally on 2019 and become very famous zombie game. People who love to watch zombie movies would surely like this game because in this game you feel like you are in real zombie land. You made plans, ways to live and to hide yourself from zombies. Also you have to develop the city by your hero’s skills. You can play this game with your friends and can make an organization of defense against the group of walking dead.

How to play State of survival

This game is started after the six months of zombie attack. All the people of the city turns into zombie and spread terror. You and your friends plays role as a hero who safe the city by fighting against zombie’s and also fight to survive. The survivals then build an organization and to rebuilt the city with the help of other members.

As a hero of the game you have to rebuild the society and to break the boundaries but remember you have to be alive to perform all your tasks. You can make an army of your own that will fight with the zombies. Levels of the games keep on upgrading as you breaks the boundaries and move to the nest area. As the head of the army you will be responsible for the daily tasks of the game and to destroy the walking dead. So for playing this game you have to be good and should have skills if you want to survive and to keep on upgrading your levels.

state of survival mod apk

Now lets see the games purposes that are

  • Rebuilt your city for the survivals
  • Rescue all the survivals and the injured players that proves that you are a real hero. It also increase your numbers and your power.
  • Perform daily tasks that includes research of how this zombie virus is spreading quickly. keep eye on how to control the virus attack.
  • Fight with the zombies and kill them
  • Right the rules and guide your army to perform task

State of survival Mod APK

Mod APK of state of survival game is the updated version of the game. With this apk you can access all the premium tools of the state of survival game and can perform better. If you are a newbie and want to upgrade your levels quickly then state of survival mod apk is really helpful for you. This updated version is so amazing that you like the overall theme, can unlock new features and many more.

How to download the state of survival mod apk

Downloading process of APK file is so much easy. you just have to follow the steps given below and you will be able to play the game.

  • Click on the download button name as “Download APK”
  • Wait for the file to download
  • After downloading go to the file manager and search for the state of survival apk file
  • Click on install button
  • Allow few permissions on your android
  • Play the game

state of survival apk

Concluding State of Survival APK

State of survival is thrilling game for all adventure lovers. You built your city make army and fight with zombies seems really amazing. For playing with best features you must download the apk version of this game. So you will get permission to access all the unlock tools and features. You can get new and innovative weapons to kill zombies and to clean the city. Installation of this apk is very easy just follow the above mentioned steps and enjoy playing the game.

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