WPS Office Premium APK – Download Unlocked for Android and IOS 2022


It is now easier than ever before to get work done on the go with mobile office apps available for Android devices. Although there are numerous generic products in the app store, you’ll still have to search for the right one. Additionally, WPS Office is a fantastic mobile app for anyone using an office.

Using the app, you can access all the important software such as Word, PDF reader, Excel, PowerPoint, and Forms. The program also contains many other convenient services. Use the app’s useful features and always make sure you get the most out of WPS Office.

WPS Office an Office Tool

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Introducing WPS Office+PDF, the smallest free office suite app focusing on quickly creating, viewing, and editing office documents and homework anywhere, anytime on Android phones and tablets. There are currently more than 600 million users of WPS Office+PDF in the world.

The latest version of WPS Office V9.9 supports the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. By using the multi-window mode, you can manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Office software that works.

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The powerful and multifunctional capabilities of WPS Office allow it to satisfy the different working needs of various users. The application is capable of converting PDF to Word, merging, and splitting PDF files. It provides users with a variety of font packages and template templates that make their text appear more beautiful and unique. There is only one way to access them: through WPS Office.

Using the camera of your phone (or tablet) to scan paper documents into PDF files will allow you to save time and increase your productivity. Also, WPS Office provides seamless editing, creation, and reading of memos, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. With WPS Office, users can work simultaneously with Microsoft Office, without worrying about incompatibilities or conflicts. Furthermore, it can be used in conjunction with Adobe PDFs, Word files, spreadsheets, and even Google Slides.

What is it for?

Within WPS Office, Android users can attempt to complete their productivity tasks by fully accessing word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, forms, and many other common office tools. Using Cloud Storage, Template Galleries, and Online Editing & Sharing features will also enable the app to take advantage of the power and capabilities of mobile devices, making it extremely accessible and easy to use.

As well, for those of you who are interested, you can learn how to use the professional features of the app, which will enhance your speed and accuracy. Whether it’s doing remote computer work, online studies, office tasks, or E-learning, WPS Office can handle all your tasks while maintaining a comfortable user experience.

MOD APK version of WPS Office

The modified version includes Premium unlocked. It is simply a matter of downloading and installing the APK file as usual. The Premium version offers the following features:

Remove advertisements.

The PDF file should be converted.

An electronic signature in PDF.

To use the features of the Premium version, you must log in after installing the MOD version.

Download WPS Office Premium MOD APK for Android

With a powerful toolset and many unique features, WPS Office makes users’ work more productive and simpler than ever. More than 51 different languages are supported by this application, and it is trusted around the world.

Document sharing is easy

If the user has access to the Internet, users will be able to share documents with popular social networks like Whatsapp, Telegram, and Facebook. For everyone, you can send them by email or instant message. Also, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, can be accessed and edited right from the site, but remember to log in and enable third-party sync.

About security

The WPS Office developers put a great deal of attention to security since it is an office application. In using the application, users can rest assured that their information will not be released to third parties nor will they be hacked. The WPS Office is secured by document encryption, which users can rely on.


This application provides Miracast support, which is essential if you need to present your work. With this application, you can play anywhere you have a wireless display that supports Mirancast. The presentation can also be presented using wifi, NFC, or DLNA connection without the need for support equipment. For a more unique presentation, you can also use the templates available (available for free on this app).

Other Features of WPS Office Premium APK

When WPS Office supports wireless printing for all official documents, including PDF files, printing will become easier than ever. Even with its extensive features, this application doesn’t consume a lot of space, partly because it’s been carefully designed to ensure that it doesn’t cause any delay in the functioning of your mobile device’s operating system. If your mobile device does not have a high configuration, you do not have to worry about downloading this app.

You will enjoy many unique intuitive touch experiences with a simple yet professional interface. Design suitable for smartphones and tablets with an elegant, beautiful look. Those of us who work late at night will also benefit from WPS Office’s night mode. Viewing PDFs and documents on mobile devices is more convenient.

The only way to avoid being distracted from your work is to pay a little extra to upgrade to the Premium account. APKMODY has a MOD version, which is a simpler method.

Requirements for WPS Office Premium APK

It’s free to download the WPS Office mobile app on the Google Play Store, so you can start enjoying it right away. Several of the features of the app can be accessed as soon as the app is installed on your device. For even more features, you can purchase certain in-app purchases for your Android device to get the most out of WPS Office.

You should also make sure that you are providing all access permissions from the app, which are necessary for the application to function properly. Upon opening the app for the first time, you should make sure you accept certain requests.


Users will also be required to have their devices running the latest version of firmware on their devices, preferably Android 5.0 or higher.

Concluding WPS Office Premium APK

Among all productivity applications for Android smartphones, WPS Office Premium MOD APK is by far the best. Besides covering all the premium features of the official WPS app free of charge, it also features an interface that is 100% ad-free. Aside from that, WPS Office MOD APK is a safe android application, which does not contain any bugs or viruses. Now that you’ve downloaded it, you can enjoy using the free version as well.

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